Pun or Oxymoron?

by Tim on November 21, 2006

Elastic Brands — the words came to me between corporate marketing gigs when I was pondering a life as Wise Marketing Man offering to straighten organizations out on their messages, positioning, and go-to-market thinking and tactics.

I like the words because you can’t be sure whether the intention is to convey the snarkiness of a marketing weasel, or to suggest that something once thought of as eternally durable and immutable — a brand -Dkny_glasses- is changing in some fundamental way.

Well the reality is that I didn’t choose the path of the peripatetic sooth-sayer.  So I can’t stand in front of the room with a little too much gel in my hair and sound clever from behind a pair of European eyeglass frames and from within a black Armani suit.  But something in me can’t resist the temptation to share my extremely judgmental insight on topics go-to-market-related.  Sniping criticism will be allowed.  Also, though, will some reflections on an industry (software and what we used to call "high" tech) and a culture that is changing.  So, therefore, must the methods and tactics used to create the elusive "enduring promise of value."

Back soon with some real content.