About Elastic Brands

Elastic Brands began as Tim Dempsey’s blog back in 2006. It was a place to explore ideas around marketing and culture that fell outside his role as CMO for a software company. It was also a way to learn by doing and get up to speed on the new tools which were fueling the explosion of user-generated content and driving the transformation of media markets. Over time it evolved into a full-time marketing advisory firm primarily serving the needs of technology companies.

Elastic Brands helps companies develop lasting brands and compelling marketing programs that drive measurable results. Our experienced marketing consultants will work with your team to help you keep up with the ever-growing demands for web site and social media content, while ensuring that lead generation programs perform at the highest levels.

What we do:

  • Define and occupy clear positioning that differentiates your company in complex and competitive technology markets
  • Build BRAINS – a branding and messaging platform that serves as a basis for all communications and programs
  • Develop an ongoing content marketing strategy that attracts, engages and retains customers in the digital world
  • Design, budget, and manage the marketing functions (product marketing, demand creation, and marketing communications) to drive aggressive market growth.
  • Establish shared marketing and sales objectives, appropriate metrics and channel strategies to drive business performance
  • Implement the disciplines necessary to assess changes in market conditions, and lead efforts to define new product categories and market strategies, and to reposition/redirect in-flight strategies, on the basis of those changes.
  • Drive a strategic planning process, including the annual creation of three-year assessment of market and technology trends, product-specific strategies and roadmaps, and go-to-market plans.
  • Align and excite teams to excel in achieving company goals and objectives




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