Greetings from Hallmark… Budding Photo Pros Getting Smart with Social Media

April 14, 2010
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I had the great pleasure and distinct honor to give a talk to about 200 students of photography a couple of weeks ago — out in Turner’s Falls at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. I was invited by an old friend, John Nordell, who is an artist and photojournalist, and also an instructor at Hallmark.  […]

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I ♥ Boobies; I H8 Bullies

March 31, 2010

I love clever marketing — campaigns that gently walk the line between the clean-cut and cool.  Slogans that have you laughing a bit but remind you of an important issue or problem or opportunity.  I think of the “I ♥ Boobies / (keep a breast)” program as clearly in this category.  Right at the edge; […]

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January 27, 2010: A Day of Marketing Loserdom

January 28, 2010

Sorry, but the iPad announcement was an iDud.  Steve Jobs looked and sounded weak, and I just got the feeling that the iPad was a LARGE TYPE version of the iPod Touch. So much missing. But perhaps he’ll get the sympathy vote and the product will recover.  Just such a yawn — and after all […]

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Answer to Last Week's Extra Credit Question

January 27, 2010

In last week’s post, I asked: What was Coca-Cola’s long-term financial gain from the Coca-Cola Classic marketing debacle? The answer: Coca-Cola’s long-term financial gain came as a result of recipe legerdemain which saved the company hundreds of millions in costs. At the time the New Coke was foisted upon us, sugar prices had spiked to […]

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Two Places I Wouldn't Want to Be Right Now

January 11, 2010

Image via Wikipedia I’m glad I’m not responsible for a big brand. I lie.  I would love to manage a massive “enduring promise of value” like Coca-Cola.  But the challenge those big brands face is huge and growing — and it is coming from itty-bitty brands. May I explain? The disruption to the nice, rigidly […]

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Predictions 2010: The Return of Fun

December 18, 2009
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Merry Christmas.  Whatever your celebration at this time of year may be — may each of you enjoy a warm and restful holiday break.  I most certainly intend to! 2009 has been one of those “Best of Times, Worst of Times” years. In what ways was it “Best?” My consulting business not only survived, but […]

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Social media is dead: long live social media!

December 15, 2009
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There’s change in the air for “social media,” and even Chris Brogan — whose visibility on this “movement” is perhaps greater than any other’s — has recognized it.  Why?  Because I think too many businesses and revenue or profit-oriented business people just got fed up. Here’s a recent interview I conducted with one particularly fed […]

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Breathe: Once in the morning is not enough*

December 14, 2009
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We are allegedly on the cusp of recovery.  Things are supposed to be improving.  All we need to see is those floodgates of new business open up and… we’ll be all good! But I find that when I talk to customers and prospects, we are all frustrated.  We all want this recovery to take hold […]

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Some Snake Oil with your Social Media?

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If you were paying attention during the dot com era, there was a lot to be learned. Learned in the sense that George Santayana wanted us to learn from history — or be condemned to repeat it. Speaking of history, the vaunted authority Wikipedia has this to say about the Gold Rushes of the 19th […]

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Can you deflect a global market challenge in 5 words?

December 4, 2009

I was walking to work this morning (after writing my Apologia to the Blogosphere for last night’s rant & rave), and out of the corner of my eye I caught a passing delivery truck with a large soft panel bearing a promotional message for a printing company. “Plus que du papier.  Print.”  More than paper.  […]

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