In today’s crowded marketplace it is more important than ever to cut through the noise with a differentiated value proposition that connects with customer needs at multiple levels.  This is the heart of what Elastic Brands does:  we help clients identify their enduring promise of value (brand) and then keep that promise relevant to customer needs over time, even as market conditions change, as they continually do.

We offer the following services:

Marketing Strategy Services

A marketing plan must be tailored to the unique needs of the business, whether that business is just getting started, accelerating toward a financial milestone or re-establishing its position in a changing marketplace.  Elastic Brands’ marketing consultants have years of experience developing strategic marketing plans from the ground up.  We can help you align marketing objectives with business needs and define and prioritize marketing tactics within the practical constraints of your organization and budget.   Learn more about our approach to marketing strategy.


Elastic Brands helps companies define authentic brands that resonate with potential buyers.  This involves developing a deep understanding of your customers, as well as the unique role that your product can play in making their lives better.  Your brand should be built on an enduring promise of value, but also have the flexibility to remain relevant as market conditions and customer needs change.  Find out more about how elastic brands are lasting brands.

Message Development (BrainsSM)

Your brand is the centerpiece of your message and your messaging platform is the supporting structure that brings your brand to life in every part of your business.  The BrainsSM messaging platform from Elastic Brands supports clear communication on products, services and company values by every employee in your company.   In many cases messaging must be defined for multiple audience segments.   The process for developing and managing an effective message is never “done.”  Learn more about how Brains can wire your company with the intelligence to drive successful marketing programs at every step in the buying cycle.

Product Marketing Services

For many companies, especially start-ups, product marketing is not yet a structured, disciplined process governing the definition of product offerings and prescribing their introduction to their target market.  Elastic Brands helps companies at all phases of the product marketing challenge, from defining the business problem or addressable market, ensuring alignment between market needs and product requirements to the tactical process of the product launch and its ongoing promotion to the market.  Read more about Elastic Brands product marketing services.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is an emerging area of marketing that recognizes the important role of content (usually words, but often words and images combined) in today’s marketing mix.  Most organizations are not equipped to deal with the ongoing needs for new content on the web and in social channels.  Without specific strategies to support ongoing content development most companies will fall short of their goals for inbound marketing, search engine optimization and customer engagement.   Learn more about our approach to sustainable content marketing.

Marketing Leadership Services

Fast-growing companies sometimes find themselves with the need to rapidly build a marketing team and launch marketing programs.  high-quality problem of having outgrown the skills of their marketing team at the very moment when they most need strong marketing leadership.  Because it can be costly and time-consuming to bring in the right person to fill your CMO position, it can be very helpful to have an interim CMO to help get marketing on track, evaluate the skills of existing team members and create a plan for what is needed to meet your three-year objectives.  We also help clients manage the time-consuming process of searching for and selecting the right agency partners.  Learn more about our marketing leadership services.