BRAINS&#8480 Message Platform

A message platform is one of the keys to effective marketing and timely execution. It helps keep your team focused on what is important (key messages) and helps to maintain consistency of voice over time and across all kinds of media and marketing programs.

Effective marketing messages start with Brains.

At Elastic Brands we help our clients develop what we call Brains&#8480 – a message platform that simplifies and clarifies the unique value of your products, their business benefits and their key differentiators. With Brains we capture the unique value in short statements that are easy to understand and easy to translate into marketing content, programs or “verbal marketing,” the words that employees use every day (elevator pitches and sales conversations).

Brains cuts through the message clutter by focusing on key buyer personas. Personas describe unique customer types in detailed portraits. They don’t encompass every possible customer, but they seek to describe the most likely buyers with the strongest need. When you create your message with these buyers in mind, you are able to focus on what is most important to them and prune out the wordy, excessive language that clouds most messaging exercises.

Over time you may continue to evolve your Brains platform as you learn more about your audience, what is working and what appeals to buyers at various stages in the buying cycle. In this way your Brains document becomes more intelligent over time. And that intelligence is wired into all of your programs, so you are able to use the right language, channels and techniques to reach your targeted customers. You’ll be able to move faster in program development and realize better results.

Interested in making your marketing programs smarter, faster and more effective? Contact us and we’ll be happy to explain how Brains can help your business.