Content Marketing Services

Content is an emerging area of marketing that puts structure and discipline around the need to continuously create new content in a variety of forms. Content marketing is at the heart of many other marketing activities such as inbound marketing, search engine optimization and lead nurturing. Whereas content creation may have been part of the responsibility of many contributors in the past, today’s more concerted efforts are seeking to manage content creation as a singular process. The advantage to this approach is that it is more efficient and more focused on branded messages and critical needs.

Essentially content marketing is a dedicated effort to create a steady stream of content that serves a variety of purposes:

  • Content that is geared toward specific buyers at specific stages of the buying process, often used in nurturing programs
  • Content that expresses thought leadership, such as white papers, that enhances your authority on subjects important to your buyers
  • Content used in the lead generation process, a variety of information offers used to capture prospects and move them along a buying continuum
  • Content used to express opinion and create connections, which helps to boost SE, through blogging and infographics
  • Content in a variety of forms – text, sound, video – to engage prospects with a variety of time constraints and learning styles

Content Marketing:  the job that’s never done and often overwhelming.

What is difficult about content marketing is that it can be extremely time-consuming. It is generally not economical to engage traditional advertising and public relations agencies to create long-form copy. And often marketing teams do not have the resources internally to dedicate to content marketing. Elastic Brands provides content marketing services (writing, editing, image research, etc.) to support content marketing efforts and we can also train your internal team on the key skills to do so.

One of the keys to successfully addressing content marketing needs is to have an editorial calendar that keeps the focus on branded messages over time. An outgrowth of your message platform, the editorial calendar helps you to manage the “brand conversation” across multiple channels and programs.

Another aspect of content marketing is recruiting contributors from inside and outside your company. There ar often content contributors waiting in the wings who are eager to contribute and simply need a little direction. And outside contributors can build your reputation and inbound links. The key is to give clear guidance and control the ultimate publishing of the content in line with an overall strategy.

Elastic Brands can help companies come to grips with their marketing content challenges and develop plans to manage the creation of steady streams of high quality marketing content. Contact us to learn more.