Marketing Leadership Services

With the rise of the web as the primary communication channel in B2B marketing, the skills needed by your marketing leaders have also vastly changed. You need to make sure that your marketing plan and the skill sets of your marketing department are aligned with today’s digital priorities. You also need to make sure that you have the right marketing infrastructure to capture data and use that data to create measurable benefits.

Elastic Brands can work with you to build your marketing function from scratch or to evaluate the skills of an existing team. In the role of interim CMO, we will help you put the right pieces in place – whether that’s marketing systems, human resources or agency partners.

Grow your marketing team as you grow your business

How much should you be spending on marketing? What areas should are most important? Should you manage activities with in-house resources or through external vendors? There is no cookie-cutter approach that works for all companies. Your budget, priorities and staffing needs are all a function of your business goals. The good news is that there is more flexibility in how you achieve your marketing goals than ever before.
Elastic Brands can help you:

  • Analyze your marketing needs and develop budget, program and staffing plans to support your business goals
  • Recommend the structure of the marketing group and whether those resources should be in-house or externally-sourced
  • Manage the agency review process from identifying your most important needs, creating a request for proposals (RFP), developing a list of candidate agencies and managing the review process
  • Understand the right level of investment across the marketing mix
  • Recommend marketing systems and tools to support your company’s long-term plans
  • Develop marketing and sales alignment processes to ensure a coordinated, measurable effort that reinforces continuous improvement for both sides

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