Product Marketing Services

For many companies, especially start-ups, product marketing is not a disciplined process governing the definition of product offerings and prescribing their introduction to their target market. This can lead to wasted effort and time, not to mention products that fail to satisfy market needs.

Elastic Brands can help young companies establish strong product marketing functions that fulfill important needs such as:

The definition of business problem: this is key to creating market requirements that are based on real market needs rather than internal drivers
The definition of the addressable market: understanding in detail the size of the market, the potential revenue and the buyers within the market with the strongest needs
Alignment of market requirements and product requirements: over time product development can stray from initial understanding of the market and lead to mis-alignment
Product launch and communication tactics: bringing the product to market with the right messages and through the right channels
Sales enablement: ensuring that the sales team has the right information and ability to speak confidently about the product

What does product marketing look like in your company? There are many different ways to divide up the activity across product management, product marketing and marketing communications, but the essential thing is that all of the five elements are covered by one team or another. If there are gaps in your product marketing plan, contact us for an assessment of your product marketing function.